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THE WASH (2023)

Created during my residency at Ground Work Gallery Kings Lynn, these works explore species living in intertidal zones and their relationship with humans. The strandline, where the land meets the sea, is a place of constant change, adaption and resilience. The residue left by the tide tells a story of the ocean natives that live in the sea. There is constant exchange between species. Chemical, biological and geological interactions occur creating new substances – dunes, saltmarsh, life.  Nurturing co-belonging and managing extraction process such as fishing, dredging and soil erosion is becoming ever more critical as climate change drives tidal surges and flooding in the region. The sculptures are made from organdie printed with enlarged microscopic detail of Sea Urchin and Horn Wrack, wool, wood, latex and wire.

Mask (2023)
Helmet (2023)
Hood (2023)
The Wash - Hood, Helmet, Mask (2023)
Tentacles (2023)
Tentacles (2023) detail
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