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The strandline is the mark created by the tide .  As it runs out of energy the sea drops debris from the ocean along the beach, creating a strandline that provides material evidence of climate change, it is nature representing itself. The position of the line indicates erosion or accretion, the range and number of species on the strandline is testimony to changes in sea temperature and storm surges.  These works bring the strandline into the gallery and create discussion about coastal land management and ocean literacy. By listening to the sea and learning from natural process we can find alternative solutions to concrete sea walls and engineered barriers. In Norfolk, where I live, the sand banks and saltmarshes are crucial natural sea defences in an area increasingly impacted by sea level rise and tidal surges due to human action. Nurturing co-belonging between humans and non-humans is critical to managing extraction in The Wash on the North Norfolk coast.

Strandline Deposition
Strandline Deposition
Mask at Membranes, Hypha Gallery
Strandline Deposition
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